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Detlev Buck: Producer, Writer and Director
Detlev Buck has directed some of the most successful German cinema films and has had a formative influence on German cinematic pop culture. He has directed films such as "Männerpension", "Herr Lehmann", "Knallhart", "Same Same But Different", the highly successful "Bibi & Tina" movie series, as well as "Asphaltgorillas" and most recently the Netflix movie "Wir können nicht anders". In addition to an audience of millions, his films have won numerous festival and film awards, including the German Film Award in Silver for "Knallhart" and the Bavarian Film Award for the children's film "Hände weg von Mississippi". As an author and director, he has been awarded the Bambi, the Lola and the Romy, among others. In 2021, he received the Order of Merit of Schleswig-Holstein. 

Cüneyt Kaya: Producer, Writer and Director
Kaya lives and works in Berlin and dedicated himself to filmmaking after studying mathematics.
"Ummah - Among Friends" marked his feature film debut in 2013 with Frederick Lau and Kida Ramadan in the leading roles. The film received a nomination for the German Film Academy's Lola award for best supporting male role, among others. The film was also screened at festivals around the world and won awards. This was followed by TV films and the second season of the series "Blockbustaz", which achieved the highest ratings to date on the channel ZDF Neo. In 2018, he began his first collaboration with Detlev Buck on the feature film "Asphaltgorillas". 2020 saw the release of "Betonrausch", one of the first German Netflix original films, starring David Kross and Frederick Lau, which became a global hit on the platform. His fairy tale "Der goldene Taler" was nominated for the Grimme Award in 2021.